Garden Adventure



This year’s cultural adventure was a trip to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.  My folks bought tickets to the Butterfly exhibit, but we arrived early enough to visit the Japanese Garden too.  It’s a wonderful time of year to visit.  The weather was perfect with a cool breeze and clear sunny skies.  It costs money to visit the Japanese garden, but the rest of the garden is free and open to the public, so we will definitely go back to visit when we’re not on a schedule.

Our tour through the butterfly exhibit was for 2:30, and the guides went over the rules before we entered.  The greenhouse would be very warm and humid, and we had to stop between sets of doors to be checked for tiny hitchhikers.  You’re free to spend as much time as you want inside the exhibit, but it is pretty crowded.  You can search the area for resting butterflies, but if you can find a spot to sit on the bench, butterflies will come to you.  We each had a visit from a special friend during our trip.  I loved it!

We followed up or garden trip with a stop at Phở, which is hands down my favorite place to eat when I go to Ft. Worth.  I get the same thing every time (a spicy coconut curry rice noodle soup), and sometimes it’s heavier on the broth than anything else, but this time they really loaded it up.  We happened to be there between 3 and 6, which is Happy Hour for appetizers and dessert drinks, so we started with veggie spring rolls and finished with boba Thai tea.  It was such a great start to my 5-day Easter weekend.  These are nowhere near all the pictures I took during the trip, just the highlights I thought you’d enjoy.  If you’re in the metroplex area between now and April 3rd, you still have time to see the butterflies.  Otherwise, check out the rest of the garden and be sure to take along a good camera.



One thought on “Garden Adventure

  1. We totally enjoyed every bit of the day! We like to go to the garden at least twice a year. Lucky for me, I have a man who enjoys making me happy, and he has learned too, to love the things I do. Maybe not quite as much, but he is learning.. lol. I am sooo happy that you enjoyed that adventure too. The butterflies were like fairies flitting about in that enchanted garden. Yay butterflies, koi and gardens in general.. !!

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