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Late 2 Bloom started out as a beauty blog where I shared my transformation from lifelong tomboy into something much more feminine. The original description says it best:
“Are you a late bloomer? What does that even mean? If you weren’t into makeup from the first day you could recognize yourself in a mirror, you were late to the girl party? I was, but not for lack of an invitation. All my life, people have been trying to push “girl stuff” on me, and all my life I’ve rebelled. It came from my own personal misconceptions about what it is to be feminine. I thought that being a girl was all about babies and weddings and cooking, but that just wasn’t me. I was about art and gaming and scary movies.”

Since then, this blog has evolved into something much broader than outer beauty. It embraces inner balance and self love. For several years, during my physical prime, I identified as pagan. Though science really floats my boat these days, I have felt a serious draw back to some of my old practices, because they made me feel good inside and out.

I would like to share these things with you. It’s never too late to find your beauty. Today is the very best day to start your own journey!


About Me



You can call me Starr, or Mortbane (my gamer handle).  I was a tomboy for the majority of my life, only really coming into an interest in makeup around 30.  I learned just about everything I know from Youtubers.  I’m 36 and work full-time as a service coordinator for income-based housing for elderly and disabled.  In my free time, I still enjoy gaming (Guild Wars 2, and tabletop RPGs).  I live with depression/anxiety, hypothyroidism and IBD, but all of those are controlled with medicine and diet.  Do they limit me? On a good day, not at all!  Thankfully, I’m having mostly good days.


This picture was taken just before I started this blog to show you my humble beginnings.  That’s me at work, a tomboy struggling to look presentable at an office job.  No makeup, hair is a mess, and I don’t even look like I feel good about myself.

When I started this journey, I was making less than $14k/year as a receptionist.  My health was poor and I was struggling with lung problems that seemed to have no solution.  It’s really hard to imagine what my life was like then, because so much has changed in the last five years.  Hopefully, more changes are still to come.  Stick around and see!

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  1. I’ve just stumbled on your blog by searching for info on poi… I love the idea of a garden of misfit flowers! I’ll be just over there, by the roses…


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