Awakening in a Box: March


Month 3 in the Element series of Awakening in a Box is Air.  I have been eagerly awaiting this box since the moment Miss K told me she was making the special item.  She was very excited to get to blend neroli into a large batch of perfume oil, because as lovely as it is, neroli has a tendency to dominate the fragrance.  This blend is perfection!  It’s been so fun hearing about the creation of the Air Blends.  From choosing the essential oils and the joy of finding out that her intuition is on point, to the crystal charging of the blends in preparation for shipping, Miss K took special care to make these perfume roll-ons just right for this box.


My box included Air Blend #2, which is Neroli, Lavender, Lemon, Orange and Ylang Ylang.  Every single one of these is a soothing oil for calming anxiety and getting restful sleep.  There looks to be 5 possible perfumes in this month’s box.  Also, a few lucky subscribers will find the back of their card has a free gift from Miss K’s Tonics.


The second special item in this box is a Palo Santo Smudge Kit.  This wood is very citrusy  and I almost hate to light it.  I want to just keep it at my desk to pick up and sniff throughout the day.  I will smudge with it at some point, because I have read great things about it.


The stones selected for their correspondence to Air are very pretty.  I have green aventurine, and zebra jasper, but this is my first piece of opalite.


Green Aventurine is a happy green stone that should be in every collection.  No excuses!  It is connected to Taurus and Virgo (and I will feature this in my Stone of the Week series soon, because those signs have been somewhat neglected).


Opalite is amazing.  It appears milky white until you hold it up to the light.  If you put the light behind it, it looks like golden honey.  If you put the light in front of it, it’s blue.  If you hold it up under a lamp so that the light washes through it, you see all three at once where the rich golden glow is always furthest from the light.


Zebra Jasper makes me crave tiramisu.  These pieces have boldly defined layers of coffee browns and cream.  I get lost staring at the details.  This seems to be a good all-over balance, and it definitely deserves its own week soon.

The final Element in the series is Earth.  If you’re not already a subscriber, you still have time to get the next box.  Go now!

If you’re still not sure, you can check out some of the past boxes I’ve received.


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