The Quest Begins

“Each morning we are born again.  What we do today is what matters most.”  -Buddha

Happy Second Day of Spring! I thought I’d take a moment to update you on my Druid journey. Last week, I wrote about a fitness program called Nerd Fitness Academy that turns diet and exercise into a role-playing game. Since creating my character, I’ve been able to check a few things off the list to gain XP. I’ve had more than one fully meatless day, and several consecutive days without sugary drinks. I’ve also checked off a poi-spinning activity with thirty minutes of fast-paced, non-stop spinning. I worked my arms so well that in the last few minutes of the workout, I loosened my grip on the finger loops and got a blister on my knuckle. Thirty minutes is just the right amount of time to push past being fun and games into an endurance challenge.



Since it’s Monday, I want to give you a tip for meatless options when you don’t have time to cook at home. About the same time that Taco Bell introduced their breakfast menu, they removed a number of lunch and dinner options. One that had a major effect on my household was the removal of black beans. No black bean burritos, no veggie Cantina bowls, no black bean substitutions. Mind you, they still have several meatless items to choose from, but those black beans made all the difference. Then we noticed the missing items were still available on the online menu. That’s when we found out that you can use the Taco Bell app to order things that aren’t on the in-store menu anymore. They still have all the ingredients, and the app even offers discounts. It also allows you to customize individual items from substitutions to extras to what kind of sauce they use. This has been a wonderful discovery, especially last week while I was working longer shifts and couldn’t always plan a dinner at home.


In other news, the weather dipped into the 30s again and it was rough on my herbs. They’re fine, but I did have to trim up the heavier ends of my basil to give it the strength to spring back. That led to a very tasty bruschetta lunch on Saturday. It’s nice to have fresh herbs for meals. I’m still surprised at how much parsley I produce, but that’s great because I use it in my favorite homemade soups.

Alrighty, let’s take a tally of points. I have avoided sugary drinks three whole days now +6xp, had no meat on Saturday or Sunday +2xp (I unfortunately had a little on Friday because I had some leftover pizza for lunch at work). I learned a new veggie recipe on Saturday +2xp. Sunday night was poi night +2xp. This brings me to 12xp for my first week. Yes, it was hard to get started this week, because I underestimated how much those longer shifts would take out of me. On a positive note, I did feel more motivated to complete these smaller goals than I would if the goal was “Work out at least x times a week and only eat from this list.” Why did it take so long to quantify healthy activities by experience points?! Also, new information: your profile doesn’t display your true level unless you pay the sub, but it still tracks your quest rewards, so you can tally up your XP to find out how you’ve done.

I love the freedom to set my goals and the accountability of a public checklist. If you haven’t made an account yet, I highly recommend it.

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