Thank You, Miss K!


Christmas is upon us!  Have you got all your gifts in the mail?  There’s not time before the big gift-giving day to call upon the talents of artisans and craftsmen, but you can still treat yourself in the New Year (and don’t forget birthdays!).  This year, I took advantage of a special holiday bundle from Miss K’s Tonics, a new startup that offers homemade, custom personal care products using top quality essential oils.  The holiday bundle included the exclusive peppermint/vanilla sugar scrub, which smells so good, I’m going to have a hard time letting it go.


A matching pair of body butter and solid fragrance with the blend of bergamot, cedarwood, cypress and frankincense will have you or your significant other smelling like they dress themselves from an expensive wooden armoire.  The body butter is new for the season.  It only takes a little dab to leave your skin feeling soft and restored from the drying winter weather.  I have not personally tried the beard oil, but I know that it smells wonderful.

Along with the gift set, I also purchased a second body butter, and Miss K surprised me with some extras.  She gave me a roll-on perfume in lavender, orange and patchouli (my wrist doesn’t seem to want to leave my nose), a bottle of spray toner and a lavender-peppermint lip balm.  I’ve been using her toner for some time now, and I particularly enjoy the spray form, because I don’t have to use tissues or cotton balls.  Tightening pores immediately after cleansing keeps out blemish-causing dirt, so eliminating the need for applicators is really an excellent idea.  Though the holiday bundle is gone, you can still get the toner at her Etsy store.  Your skin will thank you.



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