Brand Highlight: J.Cat Beauty

I’ve noticed a trend in my Ipsy posts. Without fail, my links to J.Cat Beauty get clicked through. I had never heard of the brand until I started getting Glam Bags, but the products are consistently affordable and richly pigmented. One of my 2014 favorites was the Wonder Lip Paint in Red Potion. My rule of thumb for all things J.Cat: a little bit goes a long way. This stuff will last you a long time. You can always go for a super dramatic look, but I think you’ll still be surprised how little product you actually need to use.


J.Cat Beauty has been around since 2012, and one of their biggest selling points is Cruelty Free production. They do not test on animals and they do not use harmful ingredients. Their makeup is free from sulfates, phthalates, GMOs, and triclosan. Most products are free from *propylene glycol.

J.Cat Beauty offers hundreds of fierce colors for a price anyone can afford, stating on their site “Good quality make-up does not need to be EXPENSIVE.” I agree! Some of my favorite products were drugstore finds. Their line includes bold color for your eyes, lips, nails, hair, and cheeks at a price point comparable to e.l.f. You can rock a pale blue pout for a moonchild motif, slap on some lemon lips and go clubbing, or slip into something dark and vampy. I vote all of the above, because you can afford it!


The next big thing on the agenda for J.Cat is Triple Crown Baked Shadow, eyeshadow trios packed into a single, blendable pan. There are some gorgeous color combinations here like Grilled Mango, Greentea Frapp, and Grape Gelato (I swear it was just a coincidence I chose all the G names).


Since J.Cat was featured in June’s Ipsy Glam Bag, they are currently listing a coupon code on the J.Cat website. Save 25% off your next purchase with the code ipsy615 (good through the end of July). I can’t encourage you enough to go on a rainbow shopping spree. Go! Now!

11119111_900142500046472_1843222148633593437_oAll images in this post belong to J.Cat Beauty.  Click through any image to view the product pictured.

*Propylene glycol is a type of antifreeze, but it’s not the same as the stuff you put in your car. The FDA has approved propylene glycol for human consumption and you can find it in many frozen desserts and dinners. Its inclusion in any product is meant to control moisture at variable temperatures to protect the consistency of the product and prevent mold and bacteria growth. This is a good thing.


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