Why I Canceled Ipsy and Scoff at Most Birchbox Versus Ipsy Posts

As much as I fangirl over ipsy, after reading about the different points systems for reviews, I’m seriously considering picking up Birchbox to compare the two myself. I’d like to finish a full year with ipsy before I decide whether to drop them (especially since you can’t skip the waiting list the second time around). My boyfriend got the $20 Birchbox for men and wasn’t terribly impressed with it. The way your reviews feed right back into your purchases on the site makes this a really good value for the $10 cosmetics box though. Decisions decisions!

Deals Too Good to Pass Up

There was a six month period in 2014 where I subscribed to both Ipsy and Birchbox. When I started Ipsy, it impressed me. Every item in the bag was exciting. The best thing about the Ipsy subscription was the little bag that accompanied the samples. Most of them were very cute. If you have a beauty addiction, odds are you will never use any of those incredibly cute bags. Why? They’re way too small unless you are rocking a very natural look with little makeup, so my cute Ipsy bags are not used. Whenever I gift something small, I always put it inside a Birchbox now. They make great gift boxes or you can even repurpose them for something else.

Ever since Birchbox introduced box themes, I find them incredibly cute, like the Ipsy bags. When I run out of the boring brown boxes, will I be able to gift using my…

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