Little Sister


Kittens grow up fast.  Karai will be three months old next weekend and she’s doubled in size.  She now fits comfortably in a size 11 shoebox.  Yeah, I have long, narrow feet.  She hasn’t had a chance to get too comfortable this week, though, because Sunday evening I noticed something awful.  Tapeworms!  We had her dewormed before we brought her home, and neither of our girls have fleas, so I have no idea how she got it.  Since they have no problem sharing both litter boxes, I’ve kept an eye on Seven also.  Karai went into her kennel so she wouldn’t make a mess while we get her treated, but so far Seven shows no signs.


Can Sis come out and play?

I never would have thought, just a week ago, that Seven would miss having her little sister running around the house, but she stays close, keeping Karai company.  The vet gave Karai a treatment (along with her first set of shots) and sent home some medicine for Seven.  They also sent two treatments of flea preventative.

It’s been a rough week for everyone, and I’m hurting from a lack of blogging time.  This blog is my happy place, but I haven’t had much time this week to think about beautiful things.  We got surprised earlier in the week with a notice that everyone has to park on the street while the parking lot is resurfaced.  Nine buildings worth of parking gets moved to the street for three days.  We get another notice that it’s pest control time for the complex and my boyfriend works nights, so he’s got to stay awake and put Seven away when they come over (otherwise one of the inspectors will stand outside with the door hanging open).  Then the next day, my boyfriend had a doctor’s appointment that he canceled because of some mandatory meeting at work.  It was supposed to be an “appreciation of your hard work” but mandatory attendance for the overnight guys.  We spent the week making the office and grounds look awesome, because HQ was sending someone out to our remote location.  Day before the meeting, my boss gets an email saying, “We’ve had to cancel the visit; we have plans.  We’ll let you know when we’ll be able to come down.”  My boss put it best: “I don’t really feel appreciated!”

Is that it then?  All the big things for the week?  I hope so.  I hope your week is going better than mine, and way better than Karai’s.  Not sure when my ipsy bag will arrive, but if it’s not here this week I’ll still try to fit in my normal 3 posts.  June is Audiobook Month!  Let’s talk about what we’re listening to.

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