Happy Saturday!

This is the first Saturday I’ve actually remembered to do the Selfie Saturday thing.  My Saturdays are usually the one day of the week I don’t plan to go out, so my pajamas stay on and I alternate between chores and entertainment (I’m just starting Ready Player One). Not exactly something I want to share in pictures.

I’m feeling a little guilty, though, because last month I hardly blogged at all.  Yes, I was working every available shift to make up for February’s tiny paychecks, but I’m sure a large part of that was my laziness about taking my pills.  Folks, take your pills ffs!  Since I wasn’t overloaded on thyroid hormones, I didn’t think I’d need the anxiety meds, so when I ran out, I didn’t get a refill.  I didn’t think I was feeling particularly anxious.  Actually, I was feeling the side effect of anxiety which is fatigue.  When your body exists in perpetual state of tension, it can be exhausting.  I just didn’t have it in me to be creative and productive after work.  Again, take your pills!

I feel so much better this week.  I feel comfortable in my own body again.  Yesterday was a great day.  I tried out the sponge trick to add color gradient to my nails and found out it’s actually really easy.  Also, a package arrived from 1reddiva83 at Perpetual Project.  She received a collection of Borghese lipsticks and did a flash giveaway of the “Edge” color.  Not only did that put a smile on my face, it decorated it too 🙂


Using Borghese Eclissare Color Eclipse in Edge, MARSK Mineral Eyeshadow in Lucky Penny, pink and purple nail polish colors that I blended from stuff I wasn’t using with a top coat of Sinful Colors in Nail Junkie.

Also, I decided to give my glasses one last photo op before I get my new frames.  They’ve served me well for almost 9 years (that’s way too long for glasses), so it’s time to wish them a happy retirement.



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