My April Ipsy Reveal


It’s Early Access Day!  I got to see everything in my bag and I’m pretty happy with this one.  As usual, I’m giving my monthly predictions.  This helps with rating and reviewing, especially if something was much better than I expected.  It’s happened a few times, and those items always get my Monthly Favorite.  It’s also fun to look back and see changes in taste, opinion and experience.  Here are my April predictions:

MicaBeauty Cosmetics, Eye Primer ipsy sample 4g $21.66  Oh yes, I need some eye primer that’s not shimmery.  This makes me happy.  The full size is $44.95 which is more than I’d pay for something I’m going to cover up, but I will gladly accept this sample size.  Eye primer makes even the cheapest eyeshadow look good, so unless this product is gritty or gunky, I’m predicting 5 of 5.

Starlooks, Satin Finish Lip Gloss – (Color: Cuddle) ipsy sample 0.3 oz $4 Starlooks is a pretty good brand.  I don’t typically wear lip gloss, but this one might be nice.  It’s on the warmer side, which is unusual for the lip products that ipsy normally sends me, but I like it.  I predict 3 of 5 unless it really is as non-sticky as they claim in the product description.

JulieG, Nail Color (Color: Damsel) full-size $3.99 Hard to go wrong with nail polish.  I have a perfect blouse to wear with this bold fuchsia color.  Predicting 4 of 5 for this.

Olive Natural Beauty, Olive Lips Lip Balm – full-size $5.95 I’ll take that!  Never underestimate the power of olive oil.  When I’m not using the lip gloss this month, I’ll be refreshing them with this.  I predict 4 of 5 with room to impress for my dry lips.

theBalm, Nude Dude Eyeshadow – (Colors: Flirty or Fit) ipsy single $3.75 Yeah, I’m gonna feel a little creepy stroking the cartoon dude’s tummy with a shadow brush.  There’s a chance I’ll get the more purple shadow in the picture, but I bet I get the peachy one.  I predict 3 of 5.  If it’s really good or if I get an unexpected color, I might change that.

Total value: $39.35; ipsy price: $10

This should be a fun, low-key bag.  I’m glad I didn’t get the red lipstick or the apple mask.  I would rarely use red lipstick and I think an apple mask would give me a rash.  Looks like I’ll be able to enjoy everything in this month’s bag.  The bag is always worth more than $10, so I highly recommend a subscription.

Check back later this month to see my reviews!

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