The Honest Before

Good afternoon, Late Bloomers. This week’s posts have had very little to do with makeup, and I apologize. You will know, if you’ve been reading and watching, that work has been crazy this week. The last week of the month is always the busiest for me, and that’s even when we don’t have crazy guys making death threats.
NaNoWriMo kicks off this weekend, and I am super excited for that. I will be writing, though I’ve got nothing planned this time around. The great thing about being a gamer, especially a tabletop gamer, is that you get used to pulling entire concepts out of your ass in a few hours. Also, dice can be a great tool for writing, because you can surprise yourself as the story unfolds. That’s absolutely my favorite thing. I love it when the “aha!” happens for me based solely on the information that I’ve already written. Then I decide whether to tease it along for the reader to stew or go ahead and make the reveal.
In addition to the busy month ahead, I’ve also started adding videos to my Youtube channel. The video I posted earlier this week wasn’t anything special. I just picked up some video software and wanted to try it out. Those take a bit longer for me to put together than a simple blog post, but it’s just another step out of my cave. When I started my blog, I was terrified to show my “before” pictures, because I’m trying to grow away from that image, but I found greater value in showing people the transition than in pretending that I’ve always been better than I am. Maybe that’s one reason I enjoy watching tutorials on covering severe acne. I have good skin. I have blackheads aplenty, but zits are rare. I don’t need to know how to cover up that sort of damage, but I like to see what a person can do with makeup. It’s amazing to see a face that would probably get you ridiculed in high school turn into something you’d see in a magazine. My skin was pretty bad in high school, but we didn’t have Youtube videos to help us learn makeup tricks. Magazines weren’t all that helpful, because they never picked really severe cases to demonstrate cover-up techniques. Maybe it’s so important to me to see such honest before shots, because I’m sick of printed media showing me how to fix something that was already fine. Diet with the skinny girl, even your complexion with this girl who didn’t have any discolorations, do your eyebrows with the girl who has the perfect arch, contour with this girl who has gorgeous cheekbones. Are you serious? I love seeing big transformations. I love watching people improve over time. Such truthful demonstrations make people like me feel like change is possible.
Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my Halloween costume with you. I think it’s cute, even though there are things about it I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing any other time. The pants aren’t flattering for my figure at all, but they were never meant to be. But heaven forbid someone notice I’m fat! Pssh, it’s not a secret, so why am I trying so hard to hide it? It’s going to be the most honest costume I’ve ever worn.


Yup, it’s part of my costume!


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