Ugly on the Inside


Last night sucked, I just didn’t know it until this morning.  Yesterday, my coworkers and I were required to attend a special training meeting on Ebola at our HQ in Fort Worth.  My boyfriend works nights patrolling an apartment complex, and I work days in the office answering phones and processing paperwork.  Turns out, it’s a good thing he took his half-shift the night before the meeting instead of last night.

Sometime after midnight, he gets a phone call from one of our residents saying that someone in the next apartment is screaming bloody murder.  He races to the apartment and knocks on the door, but whoever was freaking out thought the knock came from her attacker.  Turns out the daughter of the woman who lives in that apartment had been strangled almost to death, and she was in hysterics.  “IT’S HIM!  HE’S GOING TO KILL ME!”  My boyfriend had to identify himself as the overnight patrol.

At this point, my boyfriend had only seen a truck tear out of the parking lot, not the actual attacker.  The cops came out and took a report, then later that night, the guy returned.  This time he was laying low in a yellow Jeep SUV of some sort (yellow shouldn’t be too hard to find, but he wasn’t driving it).  The other overnight guy had been at work visiting my boyfriend when this happened, so he was with him when the scary dude sprung out of the Jeep and got inches from my boyfriend making death threats.  You’ll notice I don’t use the word “security” when referring to my boyfriend’s position, because our guys don’t carry guns.  They are simply on-location to assist our elderly residents in the even of emergency, and to investigate strange noises to put frightened old women at ease.  Sometimes, like last night, things get nasty.

So at 5:50 in the morning, I wake up and drive across town to pick him up, and he’s got a whole story to tell about how he was scared for his life and how he was thankfully less scared because his coworker stayed with him for the remainder of the night.  Now, my boyfriend is a tough guy.  He has no qualms with kickin’ someone’s ass other than maybe catching something from the other person.  Germs are bad, m’kay?  But even he didn’t think he could take this guy (not even with the help of a coworker).

At work today, I spent about an hour gathering information on the attacker.  I got his name from the resident whose daughter was attacked.  He has a facebook page with lots of pictures with his two small children (whose names are also posted).  I found out where he works, and about his criminal history.  Basically, I know a hell of a lot more about him than he will ever know about my boyfriend who he swears “I’ll remember your face.  I’ll kill you.”  The worst part is the girl is so scared of this guy’s friends that she’s with him today.  Like he never tried to choke the life out of her.  There’s a warrant out for his arrest, but she’s back with him.

Folks, domestic abuse…sucks!  Being afraid you’ll be killed for sure if you don’t stay with someone who might kill you anyway…sucks!  Being afraid for your life if you return to work….sucks!


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