So Ya had a Bat Day

batcheekOkay, I promised some Halloween fun stuff, so here we go.  I didn’t want to go full costume for work today, because the end of the month is already super busy in the office.  I wore a pink long-sleeve shirt with a bat on the chest, and slapped a little bat on my cheek with some eyeliner just before I headed out the door.  In retrospect, the pink background I used was a bad idea.  It was supposed to go with my shirt, but instead I had people asking if I was okay all day.  My boss thought I was having an allergic reaction to the bat makeup.  It was a bat idea. *rimshot*

The shirt is part of my costume for the party tomorrow night.  Every year, I throw something together at the last minute, and I’ve taken it off within an hour of arriving at the party, because it’s uncomfortable.  I wanted to plan ahead this year, but all the full costumes are either too small or too revealing for my taste.  That’s when I stumbled across a super cute plush monster hat.  There were matching leg warmers and wrist cuffs to give you monster fur in all the places.  I bought the bat shirt to compliment that look.  “I’m going to be a cutesy monster this year!  I’ve never done anything this girly.”

The week of the party arrives and I have no idea what I’m going to do for pants.  I want the furry legs to stick out under my pants, but my jeans are too small at the bottom and the leg warmers don’t go up high enough for my shorts.  Tights are an option under the shorts, but then I have to smoosh myself into those.  Blah.  I go to the store in search of some capris, but this is not the right time of year.  That’s when inspiration hits me.  Fuzzy pajama pants and slippers, and I can be the Monster Under the Bed!


I try on the pajama pants, and they fit, but the shirt isn’t baggy like a pajama top, so I know my belly is going to stick out if I wear them together.  Then I think “Whatever!  It’s a party with friends.  Go for it, big girl!  You’ve just been trying to hide something everyone knows is there anyway.”  So I’m going for it.


I will do my makeup tomorrow before the party, but I did try on all the costume pieces together to see how they feel.  It’s supposed to be much colder tomorrow, so all that fur should work out great.  Hmm…I should bend those ears and horns out a bit before the party.  We want those standing up tall!


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