What Did You Eat?

Previously, I discussed how my eating habits had changed over the past year, and how it led to me regaining all the weight I had lost.  Turns out I left myself a pretty delicious photo trail of foods along the way.  Let’s look!

These were actually from my weight loss period: two tasty dishes from Piranha Killer Ramen in Arlington.  I was still doing great with my weight loss and feeling so alive and positive.


Yay!  I earned my 25 pound badge on May 2, 2018.  I wish I could reset my fitbit and start over.  Tips?

These guys gave my addiction a jumpstart.  Though these days I’ve gone back to black coffee, I can’t deny I occasionally dip into a frap or violet drink.  I really don’t know if it was work getting hectic, the addition of caffeine, or both that caused me to lose steam immediately after dinner.  Not even kidding, some nights I would be asleep within an hour of dinner.

And can we talk about portion control?  Because I have none.  Okay, I didn’t eat that pizza by myself, but my food choices have been largely about living in the moment.  Without stepping on a scale, wearing a fit bit, or logging my meals, the only accountability I had was an overstuffed tummy.

This weekend, I will be putting together a tracker to log many of the elements I can see preventing my health and well-being, and I will post updates so you can follow along.  I already use a mood tracker, so you’ll get to see how the different variables affect not only my health but my mood.  To track your own habits and mood, try Daylio. It’s free or you can purchase a small upgrade to add more customization.


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