2017 Plans

Turns out I do miss my blogging.  I’ve been away for months (if you don’t count the 16 for 2016 post), and in that time I’ve pared down my life to a few essential interests.  Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been keeping up with a journal/planner, and found inspiration in the bullet journal craze on Instagram.  Though I have not used the bullet journal format for my planner, it has taught me some great habits for tracking my activities.  Most of what I need to track is daily self-care, which can get overlooked in people with depression/anxiety disorders.

I’ve also started tracking my self-education to give structure to my personal studies.  My tracker includes Literature and Language with a goal of 5 days out of the week for each.  For my Literature requirement, I’ve been listening to audiobooks.  So far this year, I’ve completed The Monstrumologist, The Art of War, The Wind in the Willows, The Metamorphosis, 1984, and The Picture of Dorian Gray, and have started on Brave New World. My Audible membership ticks over tomorrow so I’ll be able to pick up the next book in the Monstrumologist series.  I suppose the reason I’ve always had trouble reading books is that my brain prioritizes sound over visual language, so it was hard to focus on a physical book unless I was in a silent, empty room.  This year has been about making up for lost years of literary enjoyment.

For my Language requirement, I’m bouncing between Duolingo and Memrise for German lessons.  Why German?  My most recent immigrant bloodlines are German, I like the sound of it, I have friends who speak it, and much of the music I enjoy is in German.  I’m a long way from fluent conversation.  I could probably talk to a 3 or 4 year old, but not a 34 year old.

My planner is occasionally extremely useful to me.  It seems like if I’m going to have plans at all, I’m going to have ALL the plans to keep organized.  I’ll go through a week or two of juggling my schedule and allocating time for everyone, and then have nothing scheduled for several weeks after.  The beginning of 2017 was tremendously busy, then by the third week…nothing.


My goals for improvement include more meals at home, less spending, better skincare and housekeeping, and a daily health routine.  It will be easier to set these habits now that I’ve simplified my life in all other areas.  I have my job (at least until the property sells), and I have my regular weekend socializing.  Previously, I filled that time with self-imposed deadlines for tasks that served as nothing but busywork to keep me entertained.  Without them, I can fill the space between with self-improvement.  There’s no boredom as long as I have boxes to cross off.

Are you tracking anything?  Are you keeping a bullet journal?  I’d love to see what you’re doing!

One thought on “2017 Plans

  1. I started using the Panda Planner. It has monthly, weekly and daily pages and comes undated, which is handy, because I’m not always diligent about filling out my daily pages.

    It’s helping me keep better track of my goals and it gives prompts to remember things you are grateful and excited for, which I think helps exercise those positivity pathways in the brain…though I do struggle with being creative about it.

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