Since late August, I’ve felt a strong desire to organize and cull many aspects of my life.  Hopefully, you’ll forgive me for missing the Stone of the Week updates this month, and have been able to do some independent research with the stones I listed on the calendar.  As the equinox approaches, it’s time to reevaluate our life strategies, to reap the rewards of our hard work, or to reflect on our mistakes so that we do better next time.

This leaves me with some choices to make, and one choice I’ve already made is to take a break from projects and publications so that I can find my focus.  My efforts have been spread out and yielding minimal results in any area, so I need to decide what is going to be worth my time to continue.  It may require a revamp, as I’m sure you’ve noticed my blog doesn’t have much in common with its original purpose any more.

I just thought that I should give everyone a heads up to what’s happening this month, and why you haven’t seen me around much.  Thank you for sticking with me this far, and I hope to see you all when I return.  ❤


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