Ipsy Time! August: Sugar Highness


ipsy August 2016

Let me squeak this one in at the last second!  I got my bag shortly after the middle of the month (it’s been taking longer to get here each time), but needed some extra time to test out all the things.  I’m not really sure what any of these products had to do with the theme Sugar Highness, other than maybe the sweet smell of the hair treatment, but the bag is cute.  The artwork this month is done by Michelle Phan, and I’m giving the bag itself a 5 out of 5 for that.

Beau Gachis Paris Pro Series Applicator Sponge

$11.50 but you have to buy the duo @$23

This sponge is just as good as a beauty blender.  It would be cheaper too if you could buy them individually, but this one is only sold as part of a set.  It’s a good size and shape as you would expect.  5 out of 5


$12 for .10 oz, but Ipsy says our product is .88oz which I highly doubt; someone’s label is off

I’m always a bit skeptical about bronzers and a lot of the time I end up using them as shadow instead.  This one is good.  It’s gives good pigment, but a soft brush can layer it on gradually, and it’s not overly shimmery.  I’m still not sure how often I’ll use it, but it’s good enough to be my go-to bronzer. 4 out of 5


tarte cosmetics deluxe LipSurgence™ lip crème in wonder

.056 oz  $13.44$24 for .10 oz

Two years ago, I would have thought you were totally crazy suggesting this color for my lips, but it’s really gorgeous.  Ipsy describes the color as poppy, but to me poppy is a super saturated red, and I’m just not a red lipstick person.  It’s a bit redder than the other lip stains I’ve received, but it’s still pink.  I like the formula.  You can blot it without losing pigment and expect it to last.  I’ve really been liking these sort of romantic rosy colors lately, so while I don’t have many outfits to go with it, I might have to remedy that soon.  5 out of 5.

Marc Anthony True Professional Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Deep Hydrating Treatment


This treatment takes the place of conditioner, according to the instructions, and it really didn’t leave my hair much softer than my usual conditioner.  The magic happened when I added last month’s hair serum.  With my normal hair routine, the serum from last month only rated a 3 out of 5 in my book.  It wasn’t anything spectacular.  I guess something about this month’s conditioning treatment makes my hair more receptive to serums.  You know how your hair feels after a hair cut?  Combine these two products and your hair is going to feel so good.  Each on their own 3 out of 5.  Together 5 out of 5.

Dermelect ‘ME’ Peptide Infused Lacquer in UNSCRIPTED


WAY overpriced.  This color is bland.  I think I’ve made this color on accident while mixing random bottles of polish.  It’s not “energetic violet.”  It’s tired bubblegum, like not even bright and happy bubblegum.  The formula is so weird.  When I started applying it, I thought it was really watery and would take several layers, but by the time I got to the second layer, it felt like it was drying up in the bottle and getting sticky.  It dried fast, but chips the same day.  You can’t skip a topcoat with this stuff.  I’m concerned that I might not be able to give it a second try with a topcoat, because it might be too thick to use next time.  Also, the brand name reminds me of Zoolander: Derelicte.  Don’t pay $14 for crappy nail polish, even if they do boast a special formula for healthy nails.  In fact, I would say $14 dollars is too much for a good one.  Considering I’ve had products that cost less than $2 that performed much better, I’m giving this one a 1 out of 5.  Do I have to give it any?

Overall score: 4 give or take

Total value: $53.93



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