Project Update

This time of the month is always the busiest for me, so I haven’t got a Stone of the Week prepared. I am working on a number of other projects that I will be sharing with you very soon. I just wanted to give a few updates very quickly.

I haven’t tracked much of my progress on Nerd Fitness Academy lately, but that doesn’t mean progress isn’t being made. Habitica is a much better tracker for full-life improvement. I’ve picked up a few challenges since I reactivated my account, including the 10 Habits Challenge. Among those habits, meditation, which I wrote about last month, and language. I’m on a 3-week streak on Duolingo.

April ended on a very positive note. I am so happy to report that since March 1st, I’ve lost 20 pounds! Though I’ve weighed roughly this much until last winter, it’s a huge relief to recover. I had set a goal on NFA to lose 30 pounds, because they recommend setting 100-point goals as things that would take about 6 months to complete. I decided that realistically, I should expect about 6 months to lose 30 pounds. That would bring me back to my weight 5 years ago. I know that I need to keep going once I get there, but 30 seemed like a good place to start.

Another project that’s been occupying my mind is stone jewelry. I’d really like to start making and selling stone jewelry through etsy or my facebook page. Some items I’d like to offer include net-wrapped stone necklaces, chakra bracelets and earrings, and themed sets of stones. I’m still building a shopping list for materials, but I expect to have things available this month.


Prototype netted stones in hemp twine.


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