Awakening in a Box: April


Month 4 in the Element series of Awakening in a Box is Earth.  It brings new jewelry from a previous artisan, JujuOwls.  The earrings are onyx, a grounding stone attuned to Earth.  I usually wear drop earrings, but these studs are very classy.

Also in this box, each subscriber received a plant kit.  I have lemon mint, and I’ve heard that others have received chives and cilantro.  I started my seeds in the adorable tiny pot the day after I received the box, and the sprouts are just starting to peek out of the soil today.  I’m so glad I have a porch area that gets morning sun now.  Herbs do great here and I can’t wait until these little guys are big enough for to be repotted.  This was a really fun addition to the Earth box.


Ah, Fool’s Gold.  I remember this from when I was very little.  There were tiny chips of this in the gravel where I grew up.  I remember picking bits of it out of the ground and pretending like it was real gold. This picture doesn’t do my pyrite justice.  They actually are brighter gold color, but I prefer pyrite over gold any day.  Since the Fire themed box, I’ve been acquiring more crystal grid layouts, so it’s nice to get a set like this.


I don’t think I’ve ever had a piece of African turquoise before.  It’s really beautiful!  I understand that it’s a type of Jasper and not related to turquoise, but it’s got some captivating scenery in the details.  It’s like they took the best qualities of both and brought them together.  Sorry, I spaced out for a minute or two staring at this stone.


I know, my eyes popped out of my head when I saw this one too.  It’s huge!  I’ve known this stone as Peacock Ore, and it’s got a few other names too.  The beautiful rainbow of color across the surface is simply tarnish.  Other minerals tarnish and become dull, but this one goes through hell and comes out gorgeous.  There’s a lesson to be learned here, y’know?  This stone feels like me trying to pick a favorite color.

This concludes the Element series, but the new series theme has been revealed on social media.  It will consist of three boxes relating to Sleep and Dreams.  Honestly, I have to have those.  Sleep and dreams fascinate me. If you’re not already a subscriber, you still have time to get the next box.  Go now!

If you’re still not sure, you can check out some of the past boxes I’ve received.


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