Black and White

School is in full swing, so stores are clearing out their notebooks and pencil cases, and quickly replacing them with bats and blood.  I’ve been a big fan of Halloween for as long as I can remember.  In fact, when I was trying out makeup in my early years, my favorite look was super pale with black lipstick and eyeshadow.  Of course, if it’s not Halloween, you deal with some difficult issues: what to use as a replacement for real makeup in those colors, and people’s wild assumptions about your extra curricular activities.  I remember using baby powder to make my skin lighter and eyeliner as a stand-in for black lipstick.  I dyed my hair black between the ages of 17 and 25, and started doing my makeup shopping annually when black lipstick was cheap.  I dug up a few pictures from my high school and early college days.  I’m certain I was using cheap lipstick and baby powder in most of these, unless I went totally bare.


23 and ready to go to The Church in Dallas.


Snape? Is that you?


I didn’t smile much at 22. It was a difficult time.


18 I believe, during my first semester in college.

Go figure, my boss has a bigger problem with black hair than with a turquoise underlayer, so I won’t be going black any time soon.  I can still enjoy my makeup in my free time though.

This season, I gave the Halloween makeup a pass and invested in some real makeup.  I picked up some Manic Panic Goth White foundation and lipstick in the shade Raven. They go on so much smoother and richer than anything I’ve used before.  Paired with my Revealed 3 palette, they’ve got me covered this season.


Are you excited for Halloween? Two months is plenty of time to plan.  Do you have any costume or decorating ideas yet?

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