Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette

I got another present in the mail this weekend from my best internet friends.  The package arrived on Friday, but I didn’t know I was expecting anything since my birthday was last Tuesday.  My boyfriend says “I think you should go check the mail,” which is his way of saying that my friend was sending him messages to find out if I got my present yet, because she was itching to know how I liked it.  There were two things in the box: a really gorgeous purple lantern and the Revealed 3 palette.  I know all the BoxyCharm subscribers already got the palette in their August box, but the $21 sub is a little more than I’d like to commit at the moment (stupid high cooling bill).  The day the presents arrived, I had already been browsing at my grocery store for some purples and dark greys.  I must have sensed that wasn’t the day to buy a new palette, because something fun was on the way.

That third color on the bottom is very similar to theBalm Nude Dudes “Flirty” shadow, but focuses more on the shimmer than on the undertone. You could apply this one over just about any other color to make it sparkle.


Some of those disappeared into my pale skin, but there are also some rich plums and browns.  I don’t typically wear red, but this red was calling to me.

This shadow is actually really close to the 2015 Pantone color. I’m glad I get to spend some time with it before the year ends.

I feel like I need more roses in my life.  I can’t wait to try out the purples, or even the golds.  These will be so nice for all my cold weather clothes.

How cool is this lantern?! I’ve been burning candles every moment I’m at my desk.

So I’m very happy with my new birthday loot.  Everything is so classy and beautiful ❤

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  1. Such a cool lantern! gives nice shadows.

    I just posted my August Favorites too up on my blog: Check them out if you have time! I’d appreciate your feedback too!

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  2. Such a beautiful palette! I love the look you created!! Gorgeous and perfect for fall! 🙂

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    1. mortbane says:

      Fall can’t get here soon enough 🙂

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      1. I know, right!? I just want all of the cozy sweaters and hot coffee and Christmas shopping already! lol Maybe I have a problem.. haha 🙂


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