Awakening in a Box: August


My boyfriend kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday and that’s always such a tough decision.  My friends have been enjoying a very unique subscription box this summer, so when I found out that you get something special for your birth month, I asked him to get me the August Awakening in a Box.  You may remember from an earlier post, I love stones and have quite a collection already.


I’ve always been drawn to gems and minerals with their wide variety of shapes and colors, so I was excited to learn about the box.  My friends have received a lovely assortment of gems from previous months.  The box includes three stones (plus an extra if you share your box on social media), and a special item suited to the theme for that month.  Again, if it’s your birth month, you get an extra gift in your box.


Some unboxing photos from various subscribers.

The box is currently working through a chakra theme.  August is the fourth box in the series, and so the theme is Heart Chakra.  All items come gently wrapped in burlap inside a hand addressed box.  The box also includes a note from the curator and ID cards for each stone.  I received Chrysoprase, Rhodochrosite, and Moss Agate as my three regular pieces.  Other subscribers have received Rose Quartz, Green Opal, and Amazonite this month.  The curator selects stones for each box personally in order to best fit the individual.

chry moss rhod

The special item this month is a piece of jewelry created by Saracen Provisions.  You can check out her Etsy store for more beautiful creations. Appropriate for the Heart theme is a Rose Quartz and Fluorite necklace that rests at heart level when worn.


My special birthday gift is a bag of loose, tumbled Lapis Lazuli stones.  All stones in the box have been cleansed and charged under a full moon.


The box costs $14 (+$5 shipping and handling) each month with a retail value of $25+.  Subscriptions are handled via PayPal, so your payments will be drafted on the same day each month as when you signed up.

I enjoy this box so much!  My boyfriend thinks I’m silly (I think he’s worried I’m going to throw my meds in the trash and start using stones for everything), but agrees that they are very pretty stones.  I will say one thing for stones, they have a deep psychological impact.  Much the way that people can be influenced subconsciously by colors, different stones can put you in the right state of mind to deal with whatever life throws at you.  They can provide peace and tranquility, focus and discipline, or confidence and determination if that’s what you need to get through the day.

If you love stones or think you’d be interested in starting a collection of your own, check out the Awakening in a Box website and Instagram to see what it’s about.


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