Stone of the Week: Chrysocolla

Transitioning to solitary life has been a theme for those around me lately.  Chrysocolla is said to help make this change less frightening by helping us to enjoy our own company more and worry less about what we can handle on our own.  Even if we’re not starting over on our own, it’s a great…

Stone of the Week: Rhodochrosite

We move out of Leo next week, but before we make that transition, let’s take another look at that big lion heart.  Rhodochrosite is such a positive stone.  It lifts the spirits and curbs intensity.  If you’re feeling a little doubtful, this is a great gem to remind you that you’re worthy of love and…

Stone of the Week: Peridot

I can’t believe August is here already!  August is my birth month, so that means Peridot is my personal birthstone.  I don’t have much in the way of jewelry, but I love the color.  It’s a happy stone with lots of great qualities.

Stone of the Week: Black Onyx

August 1st honors Lugh, so the Stone of Self-Mastery seemed apropos.  Onyx is especially interesting to me, as a stone connected to Leo that isn’t sunny or fiery.  It’s still very bold and empowering.

Stone of the Week: Ruby

Happy July!  Let’s kick this off with the July birthstone.  Ruby is a stone for vitality and enthusiasm.  I’m not sure how much more enthusiasm I can handle in this summer heat, but maybe it’ll perk my bedraggled bag of bones up again.  This is the season for adventure after all.

Stone of the Week: Pearl

I can’t let June escape without taking a week for Pearl.  Pearls are all about feminine energy, and because of their biological origin, they are much younger than other gemstones. Beware their absorptive nature.  They can wick up negative energy and will need to be cleared frequently.