Art for Stress Relief

It’s been a hell of a week, but we made it to Friday.  My kitten seems to be doing better after her trip to the vet.  We were scared last week when we found a lump on her shoulder.  I had no idea, but apparently vaccinations can sometimes cause a tumor to grow (1 in 10,000 is still a pretty high number).  Two vets gave opinions, it seems to be some irritation and possibly a nicked shoulder blade.  Hearing that, I’m 100% that’s what happened.  Karai tolerates shots well, but the first time she got stuck that day, she spun around like she wanted to murder the vet.  I’m not sure, but it feels like the lump is getting smaller now.

Anyway, worry for my girl had turned my brain to mush, so I do what I’ve got to do when I need to spend my time somewhere other than bed but can’t concentrate on other activities.  I grab my box of markers and doodle.


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