Time Out

Where have I been?

Sick with some kind of nose monster and busy at work. I’m ready to get things moving again, that’s for sure. Last week, I got accepted to try out an eye gel, and after a week of wrecking my face, this stuff has its work cut out. It arrived in the mail yesterday, so I’ve just started trying it, but I will give you all the details this weekend.

In other experimental news, I’ve been testing out some natural face cleanser and toner for a friend (starrybluegaze on instagram). She evaluates individual skin needs and then formulates a perfect infusion of essential oils. I’ve been enjoying several of her special concoctions for face washing, eye makeup removal, aromatherapy, and soothing soaks. Just a little bit does so much. My complexion has cleared up considerably, even in the testing phase. She studies hard and knows her oils, so I’m really excited to see what her products can do for other people. She’s not selling yet, but you can expect a big announcement on my blog when that happens.

When I’m not putting things on my face, I’m putting things in my brain (reading). I already posted about one book this month, but I’ve already finished another. Okay, it’s a really short book, but it’s filled with really great information. The book is Hardcore Self-Help: F**k Anxiety by Robert Duff. It’s available for Kindle, Kindle App, and Audible; I purchased the Kindle version and finished it in just over an hour. But it’s just 50 pages, how can that be worth $2.99? I swear it is. If you don’t know much about psychology, it’s worth even more. It covers as much information as the anxiety chapter in a college textbook, and those are hella expensive. The difference between this book and a textbook or standard self-help book is that Duff cuts through the crap and gives you relevant examples of how anxiety manifests (plus he’s not afraid to drop a few F-bombs). It’s a very personal approach to explaining and managing the many forms of anxiety a person might have. Not meant to be the stand-alone solution to severe panic disorder, he includes resources for immediate help, and advises anyone with major issues to follow-up with a doctor. His book simply helps explain what makes a person feel this way, as well as a few methods to help control panic attacks. I’ve found the breathing technique very useful. He also includes a guided relaxation (sans swearing, all very professional) in the back of the book. If you didn’t purchase the Audible version, you can upgrade your Kindle purchase for just $1.99. Otherwise, you might choose to make a recording for personal use. My only complaint is there are a couple typos, like Duff really wanted to get the information out as soon as possible, but that shouldn’t detract from the message. It really feels like an article you would find online and share on facebook for all your friends with anxiety disorder (and if you got the Kindle version, you can use Amazon’s borrow feature).


This week is about relaxation, repair and recovery. What should I read next? Any suggestions?


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