The Problem with Free Shipping

I got my ipsy tracking number at the beginning of the week, and a friend who lives in the same town got her bag on the day I got my tracking number.  The first time I had the bag, my tracking number was emailed to me after the bag was delivered, so I check my mail anyway to be sure.  Nothing yet, but that’s reasonable.

The tracking shifted hands from DHL to USPS after a couple days, and it looked like I would still get my bag by the date DHL projected.  The bag reached the USPS hub and there it’s sat since the crack of dawn on Thursday.  The estimated delivery date changed to today (Saturday Feb. 14th).  Now I don’t often have issues with USPS tracking updates, so I can be fairly certain that it is exactly where it says it is: still at the hub…100 miles away.

The shipping is included in the $10 ipsy bills me, so I have no idea how much they’re paying, but from what I’ve read, the USPS can play around with a package that requires hand sorting for as long as they want.  They can either return the package to the sender if they can’t get additional shipping funds, require the recipient to pay the additional charge, or just leave it in limbo until someone feels like processing it by hand.  This happens when packages don’t meet the parameters for mechanized sorting.  I would also expect that, with this being a card-giving holiday, they’ve got their hands full with all sorts of colorful envelopes that have to be processed by hand.

I’ve read horror stories of packages getting stuck in sorting for weeks, but the USPS website advises that you should call if your package missed the delivery date by 5 or more days.  Best case scenario, at this point, is that the hiccup clears this weekend and I get the bag on Monday.  Worst case scenario, I have to call the hub and find out whether they expect a blood sacrifice to get this thing delivered before hell freezes over.

I’m a little bummed, because this was going to be a super exciting bag for me, and I actually put some forethought into my photo setup instead of winging it after the bag arrived.

In the mean time, I have some neat ideas for the blog.  I was inspired to do a look based on my beautiful kitty.  She’s got lovely eyeliner and peachy lips, but I also want to find some colors of eyeshadow that would be a compliment to her eye color.  No, I’m not putting makeup on the cat.  I’m finding makeup in the shades and colors of her gorgeous natural features. 🙂

See, this is what happens when I don’t get my bag.  I turn into a crazy cat lady.


4 thoughts on “The Problem with Free Shipping

  1. Mine’s stuck in Memphis -only 4 hours away, and we’re expecting a big snow storm tonight and tomorrow. We’re not used to getting snow here in southern KY, and last I read we’re expecting 12″, so it could be weeks before it melts and the mail can be delivered (okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration). I feel your pain, though. I wish I had a cat right about now, because I’m just the crazy lady without a cat.


    1. We have been having wonderful Springtime 70s all week, but we’re supposed to get a freezing rain tonight (of course!). I hope yours shakes loose in the morning. Can’t even imagine being cooped up waiting for my bag. It’s bad enough waiting for it in perfect weather.

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  2. This happens to our bags too here in Canada even though we do pay for shipping (ipsy costing about $20 a month here) … so at least if it happens you don’t have to pay for it. Definitely more frustrating when you see your bag sitting knowing you paid to have it delivered.


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