Bold Move


As promised, pictures from yesterday.  If you’re wondering where I picked up the awesome shirt, I bought it at TeeFury.  This print is no longer for sale on a shirt, but they have great new designs all the time.  You can check out the artist on deviantART (maybe pick up an art print there).

The hair is the big thing going on here.  I’ve never had curly hair in my life.  I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a perm, but I’ve never wanted to commit to that sort of upkeep.  I decided to pick up some foam rollers at the store and see what happens.  The first day, I got my hair damp, rolled it, then used a blowdrier to finish the job.  It turned out with a loose wave, but nothing extreme.  Sunday night, I decided to leave them in overnight after my shower.  I towel dried my hair, worked in my mousse, combed it straight, and went about sectioning and rolling.  I wrapped it up in a bandanna before bed and gave myself a little extra time in the morning to deal with unrolling and styling.  I wasn’t expecting much since the last time hadn’t been too different.

Oh boy!  As I started to unroll, each section curled back up close to my head.  I fluffed them out a little with my comb as I went along.  I was amazed by the intense mane I had formed.  My hair is a little thinner on top, so I pulled it back with a nice hairband and worked some anti-frizz cream over the curls to hold them together.  I finished with a light dusting of hairspray and headed to work.


It’s a bit more extreme in-person.  My phone’s camera has a sort of fishbowl effect (it makes my ears disappear behind my head from a straight on view).  It actually reminds me of Hyde from That 70s Show when it’s not back in a hairband.

My hair is capable of some wonderful acrobatics, I’ve learned, because just a little water last night straightened it out completely.  Maybe it was the anti-frizz cream I used, but my hair feels so soft today.  If you have shoulder-length fine hair and you’ve never gone curly, I recommend giving this a try.  A set of simple foam rollers is about $3.  Have fun!

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