Soft, Fluffy Headbands!!!

I’ve always used bandannas to hold my hair back, but lately I’ve wanted something a little nicer for when I do my face.  I could go out and buy a pretty little cheap one at the store, but I already had a big ball of super soft baby blanket yarn.   I decided to make my own headband.



For this headband, I used Bernat Pipsqueak yarn in the color Whitey White, but there are several pastels to choose from.  I currently only have size 10 knitting needles, but that worked fine for the headband, because it left a little stretch to the band without requiring elastic.  The band is 10 stitches wide and I continued rows until the ends just barely met around my head.  You don’t want to overlap at all, because you’re going to sew the ends together and if there’s any slack, the headband might not stay secure while you’re rinsing your face.

Yes, it costs more than a simple store-bought headband, but you can make several of these from the modest materials, and have plenty of spares for you or your friends as gifts.  If you are new to knitting, there are lots of videos and tutorials online, and this little project is great for a learning exercise.  Happy crafting!


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