Friday Face

My lamp died this week, and I found out I needed a G4 bulb.  I can either order 20 of them on ebay and wait to be able to see anything, or buy a single one at the store for the same price as 20 but have light right away.  I chose a third option: brand new LED lamp.  At 400 lumens, I can see everything!  I decided to try out all the eye goodies ipsy has sent me, and I’m pretty happy with the look.


I started my eyes with Be a Bombshell eye base in the color Submissive.  I got this in my first ipsy bag in November, but it seemed to have essentially the same purpose and effect as the eye primer I was using at the time.  I stippled a little fairy dust on the lids.  My December glam bag contained the Pixi by Petra fairy dust color Brightening Bare.  It’s peachy on my skin and love it alone or with these neutrals.  For my brow area, I used my January pick from Pacifica, a mineral shadow in the color Ethereal (rhymes with cereal, but with theory in the middle).  The crease is the only eye makeup that I didn’t get from ipsy.  I scored this in a Hard Candy gift set, but any antique bronze will do.  I blended it all out with the brush I received in my December bag.  It’s a duet brush from Crown Brush.  My liner doesn’t show up as well, but that was really the point of me using something other than black.  It was supposed to be less extreme.  I’m using Storm mechanical pencil from Hikari, which was in my January glam bag.  Finally, for my lashes, I’m using Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 from tarte.  That was in my December bag.  I’m tellin’ ya, they really pushed the natural look on me.


Remember, if you’re not already an ipsy subscriber, now is a great time to get on the list for February.  If you like/follow/share ipsy on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, you can skip the waiting list (3 months!) and get your first bag around Valentine’s Day!  You don’t have to use my referral link, but I would really appreciate it if you did 🙂  I would blog about these fun things anyway, but if you enjoy checking out my loot, referrals help me get points so I can test out and share even more ipsy goodies with you.  Thanks so much!


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