I’d like to echo everything said here. Mood disorder runs in both sides of my family, and several years ago I had tried to get medication for depression/anxiety. The pills they gave me were really intense. They didn’t improve my life other than to make me impulsive enough to cut ties with things that I didn’t like (quit my job). The temporary high of leaving a cruddy job combined with the desire to stop spending money on medication led me to believe I would be fine without them, instead of seeking something that might be a little more balancing. I’ve still battled some pretty intense bouts of depression and anxiety, but my panic attacks 3 months ago had me back in the exam room willing to accept any help I could get. The doctor prescribed Celexa and Xanax, but the Celexa works so well I haven’t needed a single Xanax. Sometimes it just takes a different doctor to have a different perspective on your medication, so get a second opinion if you think your meds aren’t helping. You’ll know when it’s right.


Throughout the anxiety community, there seems to be a divide when it comes to medication. While I wouldn’t consider myself a pill-pusher, I do think it’s very beneficial for some people, and it’s changed my life. However, medication isn’t meant to help on its own. It should be combined with therapy and healthy life changes to reduce stress.

Different medications have different side effects. While one anxiety pill may make you feel nauseous or shaky, another might make you sleepy. It’s a matter of finding one that has no side effects on you, or side effects that are worth the medicine’s benefits.

I’ve been on Sertraline (AKA Zoloft) for a little over a year. Only side effect was dry mouth, which went away as my dosage increased. Pictured above is the different pill sizes, with the round pill being birth control for reference.

Medication is a little less daunting when you see how…

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  1. I was lucky to get the right one on the first try. But I also went to my doctor with a whole list of symptoms, very specific ones. Just wish the system made it easier to get help!


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