Water AND Light


Sorry I’ve missed so many days this week.  I’m beat, folks.  I needed some quiet time.  You know it’s NaNoWriMo and I’m determined to win again this year.  I’ve got plenty of ideas, but I don’t have much energy.  My truck may simultaneously need a new battery and a replacement signal switch for the steering column, but my mom just lost her job so I can’t even ask for help with that.  I’d go ahead and take care of that if I wasn’t already scheduled to blow a bunch of money at the doctor next week, so I’m really just planning my drives around town so that I don’t have to make any revealing turns on streets where cops patrol frequently.  If it was just a bulb or something, I could fix that, but the bulbs are all fine.  There’s something wrong with the switch.  It’s been rainy this week, so I haven’t been able to open her up and check the wires.  The less I have to leave the house right now, the better.

I made it to the courthouse yesterday to vote.  Even though my picks didn’t win, I’m still proud to be among the slightly-over-a-third of the state that helped.  Yes, it was raining.  No, I didn’t get to do laundry last night.  I also got home so late that I decided to take my shower before work this morning, but when I woke up I was so tired that I just wanted more sleep.  I can’t even blame the weather.  I love this weather.  I’ve been waiting all year for it to be like this.  I just could have used another week to get all my poop in a group.

So when I actually got up to go to work, I felt gross and worn out, and just couldn’t put on my work face.  I let my boss know I was staying home today, and she was cool with it.  I get one day out of the week off, but it’s not fixed which day I use, I just normally prefer Friday because I get a longer weekend with my boyfriend, and my friends generally have that night off for gaming.

It might seem like this late bloomer missed growing season, and now she’s withering in the chill of autumn, but I like to think I’m just over-watered.  I just need a little more sun today and I’ll be fine. 🙂


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