BuzzFeed: What I Learned When I Started Wearing Makeup For A Week

What I Learned When I Started Wearing Makeup For A Week

I have nothing against makeup, and I’m definitely not trying to make a statement by not wearing it. The reason I usually go makeup-free is mostly because I feel like I’m not good at doing it, and also because I love sleeping and would rather sleep for an extra 30 minutes in the morning than spend that time applying makeup.

For this week of wearing makeup, I wanted to go all out in the makeup department. The only problem was, I wasn’t really sure where to begin. So I decided to head to Sephora to get some ~stuff~.

I wandered the aisles looking totally lost, until, finally, my half-terrified, half-excited look prompted one of the makeup artists to approach me. After I explained to her what I was doing, she was super excited to help me, and ended up giving me a mini-makeover. Though I dropped way too much money, I also left with a look to try and emulate each morning.  Continue reading at BuzzFeed.


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  1. JRollendz says:

    Such an expensive but amazing store


    1. mortbane says:

      Word. I’m super lucky there’s not one near me. I’ve already spent so much money throwing out all my old makeup and starting over from nothing. I was kind of a hoarder with the stuff. I’d wear it once and then feel like it was a total waste to throw it out even if it was expired, but I’d still never use it again. Bad habits.


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