Round 3: FIGHT! (a.k.a. Lashing Out)

b&aToday, I confronted one of my personal demons: false lashes.  Whenever I look at these major transformations, the one thing that stands out as making the most positive change is always false lashes.  Even the frumpiest face can look beautiful with the right lashes, but so help me, I’ve never been able to apply them. Maybe it was the crappy glue that always came with the lashes, or the strip being too rigid to curve gently around my lash line.  Either way, the damn things would always stick on the outside end, but pop loose on the inside.  Getting them close enough to my lashes was the other issue.

lashSo I was determined to work at this until I got it down.  It’s very important, after all, to be able to apply those game changers.  I picked up the Revlon Define starter kit.  I was fully prepared to have to cut these in half so I wouldn’t have to deal with the inner end popping up, but the strips were amazingly soft and flexible.  The glue also did an amazing job even though I had my doubts about applying it over my makeup (as per the instructions).  The best thing here is the lash tweezers.  It gives you the perfect grip and you can pinch your lashes flush with your natural lashes instantly.  I just wanted to kiss it and say, “Where have you been all my life?”

I’m not saying this was a great round of makeup.  It fell a little flat compared to the sexy shimmer of Round 2, plus my bathroom was very warm today and kept dabbing sweat off my lip.  Looks like I didn’t achieve as good coverage today either.  I’m not dissatisfied, however, because the lashes were a big success.  Go me!

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