Get Out Much

pinkyWell, I did it.  I put on some modest makeup and left the house.  I put on my violet eyeshadow and some pinkish lipstick.  Nothing too dramatic, though this was the first time my boyfriend saw me with eyebrows and he had to get used to it.  We had some major business around town this afternoon involving getting the truck cleaned out for our trip to the zoo tomorrow.  Of course more and more things kept coming up, including a bathroom plumbing emergency (those are never good) so we’re probably not going out of town tomorrow.  I’m a little relieved too, because my family mechanic is out of the state right now and this evening my starter began making clackity clack noises.  I don’t want to get stuck 80 miles from home.  Nope nope nope.

The makeup was one highlight of my day.  The other?  Okay, I haven’t been able to eat eggs in a while (you know how when you get sick on something and then anything that reminds you of that you just don’t want to eat anymore?) and I LOVE breakfast food.  I’ve slowly been working back into breakfast with breakfast burritos that had some flavor stronger than the eggs.  Taco Bell’s A.M. Crunch Wrap is pretty good, but I found out today they have a California crunch wrap.  It’s got avocado and pico.  I had one this morning and I love it!  There was this other new one called the Country crunch wrap, but it looked like it was just full of white gravy.

Anyway, this isn’t my breakfast food endorsement blog, I just felt like mentioning that today didn’t totally suck.  There was plenty to like about it before 5pm.  I promise when I actually do go out of town, I’ll do something pretty and fix my hair too.


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