Let Me See You Stripped

Late Bloomers, can we talk about nose strips for just a second? With the recent move into the new apartment, I also gained the benefit of great bathroom lighting and counter space for my stuff. It’s great, except for the newly visible forest of blackheads on my nose.
Back in high school, I had awful skin, but I’ve been loving adulthood for its infrequent blemishes. Yes, my cheeks are very pink, but zits aren’t something I deal with all that often. My nose, however, has never been free of blackheads. Many years ago, I tried using Biore strips. I had very limited success with those, because I thought they needed to be applied like paper mache, where you can feel them wet all the way through to know the bonding agent has gotten a good hold. They’d pull a few blackheads, but not enough to be of much use. I’d just have to live with a spotty nose.
Earlier this week, I decided to give nose strips another try. I bought the store brand variety, because Biore is a little pricey for something that I was pretty sure wouldn’t work much better than the last time I’d tried it. I followed the instructions to the letter, despite my own doubts that a dry strip on a barely damp face would get any kind of hold. To my surprise and horror, fifteen minutes later, I ripped NorCal out of my face. There are two things in a gamer girl’s life that will make her disgusted with herself: cleaning the inside of her keyboard, and removing a nose strip. Oh my god *gag* that was IN MY FACE! I’m not posting the picture directly in the blog, but I’ll link it if you want to share a gross-out with me.
My only issue is that it looks like there are still plenty of pores that didn’t get cleared out, and the instructions on the strips advise against using them more than once a week. Oh, but I want to!
Do I recommend nose strips? Yes, store brand will work just fine.
Would I use this again? Yes, I wish I could use it more frequently.


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