Scentsy: Worth it?

I love wax tarts.  I keep them in my home and office, because I find they put out the strongest, consistent fragrance throughout the day.  Usually, I buy the $2 packs at my grocery store, and on occasion I will pick up handmade tarts from local vendors.  I have always been interested in Scentsy.  The fragrance descriptions sound amazing, but without smelling all them first, I couldn’t bring myself to spend the extra money.

Last month, one of my residents organized a Scentsy party, which I happily attended so I could finally sample the catalog.  To my surprise, I found myself favoring fruit and floral scents.  The other fragrances just didn’t smell good to me.  I’d been so excited to finally try Scentsy, that I felt like I needed to buy something.  I purchased 3 packs of tarts for $17 per their discount deal.  My selections were Go Go Mango, Sea Salt & Avocado, and Shimmer.

I was pleased to find the rep used Venmo, so I didn’t have to deal with cash/check transaction.  When she delivered my order, she included three product samples and a brand emery board.  So far I was very impressed.  My boss was equally excited and said that she uses Scentsy all the time, because they last longer than the cheap ones from the store.

I popped one in my melter and it quickly scented my office for the rest of the afternoon.  It was delightful.  I had received a sample car air freshener and hung that up on my way home.  My boyfriend even commented, that evening, that it smelled good.  It smelled good for a few days, but now I don’t smell it at all.  I didn’t buy it, so I’m not that upset, but knowing how short-lived it is, I wouldn’t ever buy one.

As for the wax melts, a single piece of the tart works for about 6 hours before the scent is terribly distorted or gone completely.  I tried this with all three of the scents I ordered and one of the sample tarts.  They just don’t last.  I’ve even tried using two at a time and different melters in case my usual was getting too hot and spoiling the fragrance.  Nope.  They just don’t last.

For what I paid for three packs, I could have gotten 8 of my “cheap” scents that last all month.  They offered excellent customer care, but the product quality just isn’t there.  I won’t be buying again.

Support your local artisans.  My favorite is Villainous Wax.  Their fragrances last for weeks.  In fact, I have yet to exhaust one.  I melt it until I’m ready for a new scent and pour it back into the cup for later.


One thought on “Scentsy: Worth it?

  1. I haven’t had a chance yet to try Scentsy yet but I have to say the Go Go Mango one sounds amazing just going by the name alone. I will see if I can get that one over here in the UK:)


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