Book Review: It Gets Worse

it-gets-worse-9781501132841_hrIt does get worse, but that’s still not bad.  I’m a big fan of Shane’s first book I Hate Myselfie (gave it five stars and you should check it out).  This one just wasn’t as much of a roller-coaster.  Some stories were funny, some stories are cringey, some are cautionary tales, but it didn’t carry the same weight as the first book.

In It Gets Worse, Shane opens up about a psychological disorder that is generally (and wrongly) thought of as a female issue.  He talks about being the new kid in school, and about why it’s important not to let one person’s bad opinion of you deter you from your passion.  In addition to featuring full-color chapter illustrations by the fans like in the previous collection, Shane gave the final chapter of this book to his mother.  He’s not for everyone, and there’s a good chance you think he’s pretty disgusting, but that last chapter is told from the perspective of a very proud, very relieved mother.

While I do think he exaggerates and stretches the truth to sensationalize some of the stories, the emotions are genuine as Shane tries to offer the life lessons that took him from awkward outcast to Youtube celebrity.

If you haven’t read I Hate Myselfie, start there.  If you’re a big fan, pick this book up too.  It’s an easy read and fills in more pieces of the puzzle.


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