Awakening in a Box: Sleep Tight


It’s time for Part 2 of the Sleep & Dreams series from Awakening in a Box.  This month’s theme is “Sleep Tight” focused on getting to sleep, staying asleep and feeling refreshed when you wake up.  As always, the box contains 3 stones aligned to the purpose, and some fun extras.  This month, the extras included a crystal soap and a sampling of Sleepytime teas.  There are supposed to be three different teas, but they will need to spend some time apart before I can smell which is which.  Sleepytime doesn’t put strings and tags on their teabags, so it’ll be a surprise.  Luckily, I enjoy honey, mint and peach teas, so it doesn’t matter which one I make.

The crystal soap is really cute.  When I checked the mail, my whole mailbox smelled like lavender.  Made by Crystal Bar Soap, this fragrant purple bar is designed to look like Amethyst (and actually includes a piece of amethyst right there in the middle).  It is named “Third Eye” and is meant to help with stress relief, easy communication, and dream recall.  This soap is vegan and is handmade in Canada.  The awesome part is that this isn’t a subscription exclusive, so if you didn’t get the box, you can still get the soap.  It’s $5.00 alone, but also part of the Chakra set.


The stones in this month’s box include Aragonite, Apatite and Botswana Agate.


This isn’t my first piece of Aragonite, but it is my first tumbled piece.  The piece I had in my collection is a crystal cluster, but this one is formed by hot springs mineral deposits.  Aragonite naturally occurs in a number of strange, unrelated places.  It’s even responsible for the iridescent top layer of mother-of-pearl.  It’s interesting to me that I’ve been up past 2am for several days, and my sleep pattern normalized with these stones on my nightstand.



I had to get an extra shot of this one so you could appreciate what the camera wasn’t picking up.  Apatite is a gorgeous color.  I didn’t have any before and I love it.  I probably shouldn’t be handling these so early in the morning before work, because I’m getting totally relaxed and peaceful right now.


I picked up my first piece of Botswana Agate at the beginning of the year.  Typically, I’m not drawn to agates unless they have a very interesting feature, like some that look like the pages of a book or have eyes.  I find Botswana Agate fascinating, however, for its dreamy pastels and creamy appearance.  I find this stone very calming to look at.

The Sleep theme continues next month with Lucid Dreaming, and you still have time to subscribe.  If you’re not sure and you want to see what I’ve gotten in previous boxes, check them out here.


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