Glamour Doll Eyes – Spring


Time to add some pinks and purples to my eyeshadow collection, I ordered several sample jars during the Saint Patrick’s Day sale at Glamour Doll Eyes.  The sale was half-price full jars of the green shadows, so I picked up The New Girl and an extra Fiji Mermaid (because it’s gorgeous).  To qualify for the GWP, I stocked up on other shades that I’d had my eye on for the last several months.


I’ve swatched them all over shimmer primer, matte primer and bare skin.  Left to right: Undead, Fiji Mermaid, The New Girl, #awkwardsweaterkiss, Invisible Girl, Celestial Crash, Hefty Hanna, and Candy Floss.  Most of them performed better over matte primer.  I was surprised how blue the GWP #awkwardsweaterkiss looks on my skin compared to the photo on the website.  It’s nice.  I also find that Hefty Hanna would look great with theBalm’s Flirty.  They both had the same golden opalescence when they reflect light.


Here’s a look using Hefty Hanna, Candy Floss and Invisible Girl.  Invisible Girl is a bit unwieldy, but nothing compared to The New Girl.


The New Girl and Fiji Mermaid.  Beware The New Girl!  I have glitter on the top of my head from this shadow.  It’s a beautiful color, but definitely do your eyes before you do your foundation.  You’ll have to dust away an insane amount of sparkle from your nose and cheeks.

For looks from my previous haul, check out the September post.


Geologic Lush and Fiji Mermaid





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