Stone of the Week: Bloodstone


Bloodstone is a great stone for this week, because not only is it the March birthstone, but if you’re in Australia or southeast Asia, you’ll get to test out it’s “sun turning” properties on the total solar eclipse coming up on the 8th.  The flatter and more polished, the better.  I’m excited for you!


This week’s story is a bit long and not really stone related.  TL;DR: I need bloodstone’s calming and decision-making powers, because I’m facing a tough situation with my cat.

She had a bladder infection back in December, and now she has another.  The vet gave me the pills without an exam, but told me if the infection returns or if these pills don’t help, they would need to test her for crystals in her urine.  I was pretty sure the pills would do the trick.  They’ve been helping so far, but Friday night she peed on a bag and we were able to see a pink tinge to the urine and some very sparkly crystals.  Both my research online and advice from friends has been to get more liquids into her diet and switch to a food with less ash.  Purina One makes a special urinary health blend, so she’ll need to eat that.  So far she’s turned up her nose at everything but her dry food, and we’ve had to keep her locked up in the training crate when we’re not keeping an eye on her so she doesn’t pee on everything.  Monday is fast approaching and I’ve got to decide whether we can handle this situation on our own or spend every available cent at the vet getting her checked for something we know she has just to be sure it hasn’t become stones that could create a blockage.  I’m worried for her.  Sounds like bloodstone can help.



One thought on “Stone of the Week: Bloodstone

  1. Dear Seven, get her to the vet. It will cost more in the long run, but it should eliminate the issue for a good while. I will say special kitty prayers for her. ❤


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