Stone of the Week: Black Onyx

August 1st honors Lugh, so the Stone of Self-Mastery seemed apropos.  Onyx is especially interesting to me, as a stone connected to Leo that isn’t sunny or fiery.  It’s still very bold and empowering.

Stone of the Week: Ruby

Happy July!  Let’s kick this off with the July birthstone.  Ruby is a stone for vitality and enthusiasm.  I’m not sure how much more enthusiasm I can handle in this summer heat, but maybe it’ll perk my bedraggled bag of bones up again.  This is the season for adventure after all.

Stone of the Week: Moonstone

July is a time to honor and celebrate the Sun, but June belongs to the Moon.  Moonstone gets all the mothering qualities associated with the Moon.  The best time to charge a Moonstone is during the waxing moon (right now) in preparation for her time of greatest power on the full moon.  Grab your pretties…

Stone of the Week: Labradorite

The color play in Labradorite makes it many people’s favorite stone.  I can’t argue with that.  The flashes of blue-green are gorgeous.  I love how an unassuming yellow-grey stone can explode with color if you hold it just right.  That’s a hopeful metaphor, don’t you think?

Stone of the Week: Rhodonite

I certainly need some impulse control today.  Laundry day in a public facility is never fun, especially when the machines are all busy except for the quirky ones.  I need calm.  I need to stop and breathe.  I’m only upset with the extra trips because the weather got disgustingly humid.  Shhh.  See?  Feeling better already.

Stone of the Week: Emerald

Do you feel loved?  I love and appreciate every one of you that takes the time to read my blog.  This week, I’m tackling the May birthstone, which I actually have in my possession (shock!).  Emerald is actually one of the easier stones to acquire, unlike diamond and sapphire, and has so many uses.  When…