Awakening in a Box: February


Month 2 in the Element series of Awakening in a Box is Fire.  This month’s box included 3 stones, a sticker and a crystal grid kit.  Stones varied in different boxes; mine included carnelian, red jasper and garnet, while others received red malachite, citrine, and sunstone grid kits.


My crystal grid kit featured garnet pebbles; when combined with rhodochrosite, it enhances romantic love.  I’m pretty excited about this grid, because I have several vials of crystal pebbles that I can use for different needs.  This grid is a fire design, but it’s given me food for thought as far as getting different grid designs for all the different stones in my collection.  I never had enough of any particular type of stone for any of the large grids I’ve seen, but this demonstrates how a vial full of pebbles can be used on a compact grid.  Now I can’t wait to see what other combinations I have in my collection.


Red Jasper, I mean, you pretty much have to have some of that, right?  I needed to do some lower chakra stones for my Stone of the Week series, and jasper is coming soon.  Red Jasper deserves its own week.


I wish I had known the wealth of amazing stones that surrounded me when I was younger.  In addition to some of the most beautiful granite, I also found stones like this one every time my mother and I would go for walks.  Tumbled, carnelian is a translucent orange, but rough it could almost be mistaken for flint until held up to the light.  It makes me nostalgic and a little blue, because I know those dirt roads have been paved over since I moved away.  Kids in that neighborhood will never get to stumble across things like this, supposing they go for walks.  When I was little, I used to collect interesting rocks on my walks and then sit in my front yard trying to sell them from my makeshift table (ice chest).  My mom was the only person to buy my rocks of course.


Garnet is such a varied stone.  This piece looks like the andradite variety.  It’s the first of this kind in my collection.  Most of my specimens are pebbles like the ones in the crystal grid kit.  I cleaned this one up to take a look at the colors and found beautiful tiger colored scenes.


This is as close as I could get so you can see the black flecks floating in translucent burnt orange. The surface is oiled so the colors would stand out while I took the picture.  It’s  the perfect size and shape to hold in your hand. I find myself spending lots of time with this one, both exploring the detail in the surface and sitting quietly just feeling the weight of it in my hand.

I believe the theme for next month is Air.  I know that Miss K will be the featured artisan for the Air box, and she’s mixing up an olfactory delight.  Don’t miss it!  If you’re not already a subscriber, you still have time to get the next box.  Go now!

If you’re still not sure, you can check out some of the past boxes I’ve received.


One thought on “Awakening in a Box: February

  1. Shout out to your mom for buying your rocks !!! Lol.. I pick up rocks nearly every day when I walk.. as, taking a walk is part of my continued routine. I must say, these days I look UP more than on the ground, unless of course, I am on uneven ground, watching my step. My interest these days is photography.. mostly birds and such… flowers, butterflies. I do happen to find those interesting rocks most days tho. One day, all those rocks that had been laying on the road, will be on my hilltop.. making it taller and taller. 🙂

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