Stone of the Week: Lepidolite


It was tough deciding which stone to use this week.  I’ve already covered the February birthstone, and I feel like so many of my stones so far have focused on the same things.  Yesterday, I made the trip to a metaphysical shop in the city that I haven’t visited in almost a decade, so I tried to fill out my collection as much as possible.  I knew that I had some lepidolite at home, but still felt like I needed more.  It’s a very soothing stone, which I no doubt needed for my drive in the city.  Most of the stones I have chosen so far have been Crown and Third Eye aligned; I honestly mean to balance that out with lower chakras soon, but Lepidolite seemed very important this week.


You can see that Lepidolite can vary in hue.  It can take a granular form or grow in crystalline sheets like the piece at the bottom of the photo.


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