Black Box Subscriptions November ’15


Yes, you read that right.  This is the November box from Black Box Subscriptions.  Apparently several of the boxes have been held up in shipping since last month (busy season for packages).  I just got my November box yesterday.  For everyone who is still subscribing, two boxes are supposed to arrive this month, but I put my sub on hold for the holidays.  The items in this box were padded with pages from a gothic novel, as usual; this time the novel was Beneath the Shadows by Sara Foster.


My accessories include:

  • Vivid blue feather earrings – My cats are NOT allowed to see these.
  • A black cat necklace – I’ve been looking for a good one to go with the black cat earrings I bought for Halloween.
  • A bow hair clip with a red skull – This piece was created by Baneful Bows.  I actually have some super comfy black corduroy pants with red skull printed fleece side panels that is begging for accessories, so this clip is perfect.


The bath and make-up items include:

  • Lemongrass bath bombs – “Big in Japan” by element 18, these smell great!  Lemongrass is never the first thing that pops into my head when I smell it, because it’s not a common fragrance.  I notice a lemony scent, something familiar but not quite lemon.  Of course when I read the label, it’s clearly lemongrass, no doubt about it.   I take showers, because I don’t quite trust the tub at my apartment, but I love to use bath bombs and salts to soak my feet.
  • A pocket-size eye shadow palette – It’s so cute and tiny.  I feel like blue is being pushed at me lately, and it’s not really a color I wear very often.  I will experiment with the blues in this palette though, because I have those bright blue earrings to go with it.  Maybe blue will be my color for 2016.
  • Black nail polish – Every black box contains black nail polish every month, but this month my polish has gold glitter in it.  Very festive for the holidays.

The box also contained a paper bat decoration that can be used as an ornament, a glittery puff sticker that says “BOO,” and a black plastic manicure stick.  I wasn’t sure about the stick at first, because I thought I might have broken something, but it’s the length of a typical manicure stick, and has one pointed end and one flat end.  Whether or not that’s what it is, that’s how I’m using it.  I started my nails over around Thanksgiving, so a non-porous manicure stick that I can keep with me will save me from biting.

This box has filled in a number of gaps in my look.  I’m on the fence about picking my subscription back up after the holidays or trying something else.  Scentbird has been calling my name quite a bit.  I think if I try Birchbox, I’m going to wait a while for them to stop playing back and forth with ipsy.  I’m definitely going to wait until the big shipping holidays are out of the way.

If you see something you like here, or in the October box, check out Black Box Subscriptions to get your own personalized box.


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