Awakening in a Box: November



Oh yes, it is that time again.  My Awakening in a Box came in at the end of the first big holiday week.  The month really got away from me and I can hardly believe it’s December already!  The theme for the November box is Crown Chakra.  It’s the final of the seven major chakras (which you can read about in the series I posted previously).  The Crown Chakra is the center of understanding and connection to the bigger picture, which is apropos of this time of year.  As always, there are many wonderful goodies in my box this month.


My grandmother had a few of these in her collection.  I remember the sandy smell of the Desert Rose from my childhood.  The ID card explains that each desert rose formation contains a spirit guardian.  I had not heard this before, but I think it’s really neat.  It would not be the first stone in my collection with a spirit (I should introduce you to Hootie sometime).  This particular selenite formation resembles a flower with many petals, making it perfect for work with the Crown Chakra.


Ametrine is the middle ground between Amethyst and Citrine.  I have a fondness for both of them in their own right, but Ametrine is all about balance and transformation.  It can be formed either through a gradual difference in oxidation of iron within the crystal, or through exposing amethyst to extreme heat.


Clear Quartz is essential to crystal healing.  It can be used to cleanse the other stones, and as a point it focuses and directs energy.  You can never have too many quartz crystals.


Kyanite is not Crown Chakra specific.  I believe this was my bonus stone for November, which is excellent, because Kyanite is an excellent stone to have on hand.  Who wouldn’t want a quick wit and acute intuition?


Guest artisan this month is Ashley Marie Peridot of CrystalEnergyCrafts.  Each subscriber received a handmade mandala with a tanzanite chip in the center.  Tanzanite is a high end gem stone, significant for its link to higher realms and spiritual exploration.  What I love about this is knowing that thanks to AiaB, I am part of this stone’s extended family.  Chips of the same matrix are all being worn by people just like me in cities far away.  How’s that for a Bigger Picture view?

Find out what I’ve received in previous months with Awakening in a Box.  Also, if you’re worried you have missed out on the chakra series, hurry to the website to sign up for the special December Chakra Kit.  For the regular subscription price, you will receive SEVEN stones, one for each chakra!  You have until the 15th to subscribe for this awesome box, and yes, it will include the crystal ID cards and bonus themed item as with every month.


A collection of subscriber photos from November.  Share your box on social media to receive a bonus stone in your next box (+1 bonus stone for your birth month).


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