It’s going to take a tremendous amount of discipline on my part, but I’m cutting myself off from new makeup purchases until after Christmas.  It’s somewhat personal choice and somewhat necessity.  The necessity came when I realized that I’m down to the short paychecks at work.  I don’t get holiday pay, so if the office is closed for the holidays, I just don’t get enough hours.  I can pick up all the extra days leading up to it, but there are more office closings over Thanksgiving and Christmas than there are Fridays that I wasn’t already working.  The personal choice came when I started organizing my makeup.  I’ve gone from a couple lip shades and a tiny shadow palette to just about every color I could want.  I have everything from wild and vibrant to stark goth to reserved natural.  I’m set.

I cancelled my Ipsy subscription in October, and I have to admit it’s been weird not having that to look forward to.  It was a big part of how I scheduled my blog, and main source of traffic.  I’ve got one more Black Box Subscription on the way, but I’ve cancelled that for the holidays as well.  I’m sure I’ll go back, because it was a very personal selection of oddities.  I’m down to just one subscription again, which is ideal.

I promised myself yesterday that I would fix my hair and then I would not purchase any more makeup, lotion or hair products until the half-off sales after Christmas.  That’s the time of year I stock up on things anyway.  Gift sets that are already a bargain are half price, and that includes perfume, shampoo, soaps and makeup sets.  I got enough shampoo last December to last me to July.  Yes, this means I miss out on any Cyber Monday sales, holiday kits and new colors from indie brands, but it’s time to redirect my energies.  A pre-New Year’s Resolution.


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