A Year with Ipsy: 10 to Unfriend

Yesterday, I revealed my Top Ten favorite products from my year with ipsy.  Today I rake a few products through the coals.  Why? Because I paid money for the service, and they give you some measure of control over what products end up in your bag.  If the products suck, the system needs work.  That’s why, in addition to the preferences quiz at the beginning, they give you follow-up surveys about the items you receive so that hopefully you don’t get anything similar to the products you hate.

10 to Unfriend

10. NYX Cosmetics ipsy Eye Shadow Trio – Not the worst eyeshadow, just not that good. For half the retail price of NYX palettes, you can get a Wet n Wild palette that’s as rich in pigment as the high end stuff. I know NYX has lots of fans, I’m just not one of them.


9. DOSE®, Color Pill Nail Polish – The color is just lazy. If I emptied all my nail polish into a big bottle and shook it up, this is the color I’d get. In addition to that, the formula is weak and the bottle is round on the bottom so you have to hold it when it’s open.


8. NYX Butter Lip Balm – Ladyfingers – I dislike the texture of this. It’s kinda gritty, and it’s got just enough color to smear off on everything for hours.


7. NYX Butter Lipstick – Little Susie – NYX lip products transfer quiet a bit. I’m not a fan of the color either. This isn’t something I’m likely to wear (or be able to wear for any period of time).

6. tarte Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara – People LOVE this stuff. When I wear it, I get cakey lashes that I have to dust off with a clean spooly brush, and even then I end up with raccoon eyes in a couple hours.

Yeah, it gets good reviews, but it's just not for me.

Yeah, it gets good reviews, but it’s just not for me.

5. Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Foundation Primer – I feel like I’m crapping on brands that everyone loves, but Smashbox didn’t impress me either. Right away, this doesn’t seem different from any other drugstore primer, but then it starts to pill up and make crumbs on your face. It doesn’t matter how long you let it set, once you start putting on foundation, the crumbs get worse and by the time you dust them away, you may as well have skipped primer entirely.

4. Hikari Cosmetics Mechanical Eyeliner – Storm – Not sure who this was designed for, but it sure doesn’t show up on me. It’s not opaque enough to pop against dark skin, and it just blends right into pale skin. Someone in the middle try this out? Maybe not, I don’t think it would last long anyway.


3. TEMPTU S/B Highlighter – Pink Pearl – You really can’t use this without an airbrush system. It’s a liquid. You can drop it into lotion or foundation to make it pearly if that’s your style.


2. LAVANILA LABORATORIES, PURE VANILLA DELUXE MINI ROLLER BALL – I’m pretty peeved about this one. From Day One, I’ve specified that I would like to receive perfume in my bag. My final bag contained this fragrance that smells like my grandma’s church perfume. If that’s the kind of scent you like, that’s cool…except that it’s not, because you won’t even be able to smell it in a couple hours. It’s a bottle of “grandma gave me a ride to work this morning.”

1. Rob Scheppy for ‘Tini Beauty Powder Shadow – Pearl Fizz – This is the only product that I’ve just been so upset about that I put it in a dark bin under my bed with all the stinky lotions that I would only use if I was completely out of lotion (I should throw those out, because I’m never out of lotion). It’s absolutely invisible on me and not even effective as a highlighter. W. T. F. This guy does Kim K’s makeup? I didn’t even give this shadow a second chance, and I’ve reused stuff that I thought made my eyes burn.


Well, there it is, folks.  My ten least favorite products from ipsy.  I’m not trying to discourage you from subscribing to ipsy.  There are a ton of great products I’ve gotten to try in the last year that have made the $10 monthly price a bargain.  See my previous post for the Top Ten if you haven’t already.

Are you an ipster? What are your favorites and least favorites?


2 thoughts on “A Year with Ipsy: 10 to Unfriend

  1. #1 was so funny to me. If I recall correctly, #9 and #10 are pretty recent items (I received #10 myself..) and I just got a nail polish in that same color as #9, even though I have like 2 others already! I totally agree it’s a pretty uninteresting color that I would only consider wearing right now because it’s Fall.

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    1. Have you been to the product website for Dose? It’s nauseating. They don’t sell anything there, they just talk about how they’re just brilliant creators that they’ve captured colors no one has ever seen before. And this one being specially created for ipsy…I’m like “You have no idea what you’re doing. Someone asked you for an exclusive and you didn’t start until the night before it was due.” It was a cool concept, but it sorta fizzled.


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