Black Box Subscriptions October ’15


Late bloomers, I am so happy right now.  Calling all weirdlings, darklings and geeks!  If you haven’t looked into Black Box Subscriptions, it’s definitely worth your consideration.  There are two box sizes, the standard (pictured above) for $20 monthly, and the deluxe (which comes in a coffin-shaped box with tons of goodies) for $40.  Items in the box are created and curated by Vixx Secundus of the band Axis.  Apparently when she’s not making music, she’s making awesome jewelry and accessories for kindred spirits.

When you sign up, you fill out a survey.  You don’t pick your interests from a list, you actually type them in and she takes your answers into careful consideration when designing your box.  The box usually follows some theme for the month.  This month being October, we got lots of trick or treat goodies.  I know that one month had a NOLA theme, so subscribers all got tiny bottles of NOLA grave dust.  The rest of the items in the box will either be makeup or accessories.  You’re guaranteed a bottle of black nail polish each month.  The accessories are where the real value of the subscription lies.  Vixx uses your tastes, interests and style to piece together a unique experience.  If you say you like mermaids, prepare to have some gorgeous mermaid items.  If you say you’re a Harry Potter fan, expect to see the Deathly Hallows symbol in your box.  I specified on my survey that I like a skull motif and I have a small collection of animal skulls (a black bear and a bobcat that my uncle sent me), and that I like clock faces with Roman numerals.  Here’s what she sent.


Perfect!  I know.  The necklace is so creepycool.  Oh, that was another thing I mentioned: creepycute.  So I totally got that too.




The boxes always come packed in crumpled up pages torn from books.  This one has pages from Echoes of Betrayal by Elizabeth Moon.  I’m conflicted about this, because I weep for the book, but at the same time it’s such a neat aesthetic.

The lipstick in my box was labeled Black Orchid, and it looked like a deep red in the packaging, but it turned out to be a chocolate brown.  Not sure if I can make that work, but I’ll think of something.  Other than that, it’s all perfect!  If you’re a creepy kid like me and you want a subscription that’s totally personalized and unique to you, this box will scratch that itch.


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