Throat Chakra

I hope you’ve had a great weekend.  I know I have.  My Awakening in a Box arrived yesterday.  The theme for this month is Throat Chakra, so I really wanted to post my unboxing before I got into the details on part five of my chakra series.  Check out the previous chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart.

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Throat Chakra

Vishuddha, the Throat Chakra, governs the way we communicate with the world outside the self. It rests in the depression where the neck meets the collar bones, just over the thyroid. To have an imbalance here, you may struggle to be heard. You fear being misunderstood or that your thoughts aren’t worth speaking aloud. On the other hand, it could be an overactive chakra, and you might spend a great deal of time talking without listening or thinking about your words. Not everything that crosses your mind needs to be spoken. Expanded versions of Socrates’ Test of Three are being shared around the internet, but the original test is the Triple Filter. Before you speak, ask yourself “Is it true? Is it good? Is it useful?” It doesn’t have to pass all three, but it should be able to pass at least one.


The Throat Chakra mantra is “I speak.” You are responsible for the words you put into existence. Affirmations for this chakra focus on expressing truth while considering the impact these words will have on others. Listen as well as you speak to get an even clearer picture of the truth.
Examples: “I listen with my whole self and think before I speak. When I speak, I don’t back away from what is true and right. I share and communicate effectively and respectfully with others. I express myself fully and creatively.” “I am aligned with the highest truth and communicate this with love and honour. My words echo softly within the Universe.” “I speak truth. I speak love. I am expressive. I am gentle with my words. I listen to others.”


To answer these questions, try using a voice recorder. Answer aloud and listen back when you’re finished. Most people find the sound of their recorded voice very unsettling, but remember what a unique and fundamental tool your voice is in communicating need and expressing who you are to the world around you.
Do you feel your voice is heard by other?
Are you comfortable with silence?
If you could take back one thing you’ve ever said, what would it be?
Have you ever kept a journal? Why or why not?
What is your favorite song and why?
How does it feel to tell the truth when that truth has negative consequences?
Is it more important to you to be honest or kind?


Write a letter to a friend.
Sing (in the shower, in the car, wherever you feel comfortable doing it).
Make the phone call you’ve been putting off.
Pay someone a genuine compliment.
Give a speech (if you have one to give, great; if not, think of a topic you are passionate about and deliver a private speech to yourself in front of a mirror).
Talk with friends into the wee hours (the best truths are spoken between midnight and sunrise).
Read aloud.


Throat chakra foods will have an impact on your tongue. Lemons, limes, grapefruit, and kiwi are good choices. Blue foods are very limited, and because of this, blue has become an apetite supressing color in the subconscious mind. Some blue foods you may enjoy at this time are blueberries and plums. Tart herbal teas are also good at this time.



Throat Chakra stones can be anywhere between brightest aqua and deepest blue.
Blue Lace Agate
Lapis Lazuli
Blue quartz
Blue calcite

This collection focuses on communication and expression.  It was important to include written and spoke word as well as expression through music.  You are somebody’s favorite, so speak up!



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