Sacral Chakra

Next stop on my Chakra series, the Sacral Chakra.  If you’re just joining me, be sure to check out the Root Chakra also, and keep watching this week as I explore the rest of the seven major chakras.

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Sacral Chakra

Svadhisthana, The Sacral Chakra, is the seat of emotion, sexuality, and creativity. Located just before the spine two inches below your navel, this chakra is tied to your reproductive system. If the Root Chakra is the earthy foundation, the Sacral Chakra is the river that courses through it, the ocean that pushes and pulls at the shore. Imbalances in this area will have you putting up intimacy barriers, denying yourself pleasure, and fearing change, or struggling with addictions, becoming obsessively attached and uninhibited. Sex hormones play a major role in mood, so you may face shifting tides or stagnant ponds.


The Sacral Chakra’s mantra is “I Feel.” It is important that you allow yourself to feel. Don’t concern yourself with speaking your feelings yet, that’s a job for the Throat Chakra. Just be sure that you are allowing yourself to experience the emotions as they come to you. Don’t push away your joy or your sadness. You have a right to your feelings. Affirmations for this chakra focus on the healthy flow of emotions and appreciation for your authentic self.
Examples: “I love all dimensions of myself. I delight in weaving the creative tapestry that is my life.” “I allow my emotions to flow through my in a healthy way.” “I embrace pleasure and sensuality within my life. I am happy in my body and express my sexuality freely. I release and let go of the old and welcome the new. I am able to express my emotions openly without restraint. I feel creative energy flowing though my veins as I am creating reality with my thoughts.”


Here are some things to think about as you spend time with your Sacral Chakra. As you write down your answers, take time to feel the emotions tied to the memories.
What brings you the most joy and excitement?
What does it feel like to lose someone close to you? (doesn’t have to be death, could just be a falling out)
Describe your first crush.
What can you do to be happier right now?
Describe something you have created.
Do you give AND receive pleasure easily? If not, why?
Describe a time in your life where you felt things were out of your control, but everything worked out fine.


Draw or paint
Go for a swim
Enjoy a salt bath
Try something new in bed
Get a massage
Try a new food


The Sacral Chakra element of water means tea, fruit juice, soup are all excellent choices. Steamed vegetables, especially orange veggies like carrots and sweet potatoes, are perfect. The sensual aspect of this chakra also encourages us to spend time appreciating both rich and subtle flavors. Do not eat to be filled; eat to experience the food. Fruits have a special connection to this chakra, because fruits are the reproductive center of plants; literally the womb. Try orange colored fruits like papaya, cantaloupe, mango, orange, peach, and even pumpkin. At this time, you’ll want to limit salt, continue to avoid processed foods, ditch fried foods, and cut back on caffeine several hours before your bedtime.




Sacral Chakra stones are orange to deep gold in color.
Orange Calcite
Red Aventurine
Tangerine Quartz
Fire Opal

The collection I’ve put together for the Sacral Chakra is designed to make you feel vibrant and sexy. A form-fitting, short dress with a delicate ankle bracelet will make you feel like one hot goddess. You may yet feel self-conscious about wearing this out of the house, but be sure that you allow yourself to feel this beautiful wherever you find the privacy to do so. Keep the ankle bracelet as a discrete reminder of your sexy little secret.



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